Students to represent nation at space olympics

Students to represent nation at space olympics

Liu Chi is president of China’s national space agency, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and he believes it’s his responsibility to lead the country into the future. After completing his PhD at California Institute of Technology, he became a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ board of trustees in 2013.

It’s not only scientists who have to step up. Students have to be prepared, too. It takes two years to complete four years of studies, Liu says. Some are interested jarvees.comin scientific fields, such as physics, or the humanities. The best way to earn credits is through an online course, but if you choose to study a course outside China, the chances of success are higher. And most students are lucky enough to be admitted to prestigious universities in the West.

There’우리카지노s no question that Liu Chi and the university are pushing the nation to ac바카라hieve more. A national space program, for example, is already gaining national recognition. This year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences awarded its 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics to researchers from Ulsan University and the University of California in San Diego. “To think of such a breakthrough when you have more people out there, we must continue developing this space system.”

Liu says the university is planning another major conference for students next year, with the aim of creating a new generation of international space scientists. “We’ll help students find work and apply their expertise for scientific achievement,” he says.

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