Stolen art met with public yawn

Stolen art met with public yawn
USA Today – NEW YORK It’s Friday date night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Great Hall is jammed with swirling crowds meeting for music, drinks, fine cuisine, even a little art-viewing. The Met has agreed to return the Euphonios krater in

China Diary
Crain’s Detroit Business – I have a really tough time describing some of the experiences I have had working at Shineray, as some of them have a deep, emotional effect on me. I ll try to do my best to bring you into my world: the culture of Shineray. I believe I have

William Rivers Pitt: Incompetent Design
Scoop – Last week, George W. Bush got up before a gaggle of reporters and washed his hands of the mess in Iraq. The question of how long an American presence will remain in that country “will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq

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Victim had finally found new life
Charlotte Observer – They called him Cookie. Danny Cook’s nickname dated back to Forest Hills High, where he was a popular, 300-pound jokester. When he graduated in ’78, he stayed in Marshville, driving an egg truck and trying to sell real estate. Nothing stuck. At 26

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