Showalter no longer in the hot seat 

Showalter no longer in the hot seat 
WINTER HAVEN, Fla. Buck Showalter looked nearly the same as he did a year ago, when he was watching over his Rangers pitchers and catchers in Arizona. He had a few baseballs stashed in the back pocket of his uniform and carried his trusty fungo bat.

Ward to Boston? 
Welcome to Day 2 of our NHL trade deadline blog. The deadline is at 3 p.m. today. Both hometown teams are expected to be active, so stay tuned as we keep you up to speed.

Energetic Lugo glad to be with Sox 
Julio Lugo was a good player in baseball purgatory.

Owner must restrain and contain dog who bit neighbor 
NORTH ANDOVER – Minka the German shepherd has been temporarily banished to New Hampshire until her owner, Carol St. James, can build a fence at her North Andover home on Lacy Street.

Work ethic defines Dodgers’ Juan Pierre 
VERO BEACH, Fla. Don Fields always knew when Juan Pierre was back home in Alexandria, La., because when he’d pull into the parking lot in front of his gym, there would be Pierre, huddled by the door in the predawn chill.

Twins day at camp 
Smell ’em again That was the phrase the Twins fed off last season as they reversed their season in June and won the AL Central title on the final day of the season. Catcher Mike Redmond had teammates flicking their noses whenever they drove in big runs. “Smell those RBI!” Redmond would yell from the bench. Every player who has reported to camp has found a red T-shirt draped over his locker room …

Benitez takes first step in his comeback 
Armando Benitez threw to hitters for the first time in 172 days Wednesday. Little was made of the event. Manager Bruce Bochy did not even watch, choosing instead to acquaint himself with some prospects on the back field at Scottsdale Stadium. It was,…

Vikings fall short despite 11-run 8th inning 
BARSTOW Hitters got some help from mother nature Thursday afternoon. The Barstow Community College baseball team lost a close game to Irvine Valley 22-20. Winds gusting to more than 30 mph blew in the defenses faces and pushed several baseballs over the fence during the game.

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