Norwegian pilots land plane after axe attack on flight to Paris

Norwegian pilots land plane after axe attack on flight to Paris

‘I remember flying home to Oslo just after 9.30am, flying under the watchful eye of my partner, the pilot who had to go over it three times before it landed. I was so scared. My partner said to me, “No worries”. Then I remembered I have this big knife strapped to my side. They’re asking us how we are doing, saying “we don’t need any more pilots”. I replied, “you have two of them, right?”

‘I thought, the most important thing is not to be distracted’바카라 – pilot

‘I flew out to Oslo to try and have dinner with some friends and to see what was going on, b로투스 홀짝ut as soon as I touched down I was absolutely terrified. I felt nothing but fear on the aircraft. I wanted to take the control of it and push it. I remember I told myself, “if you have the knife strapped to your back, everything will be all right”, because I didn’t want to let anybody down.’

‘I took the control at that point for a few minutes. I had nothing left. I got to the gate, grabbed my bag and was heading for the door at that point.

‘I didn’t say anything but as soon as I reached the gates, I jumped into the plane. I went to have dinner with my friends and as I was eating, I heard a loud bang. I saw two of my colleagues flying overhea성남출장마사지d and that was the moment I knew the plane had been destroyed and I needed to fly out of the plane as fast as possible. It was an adrenaline rush.’

‘I looked out my window to see the sky covered with white smoke. When I saw the first plane, it turned out that two were dead and I saw people coming towards me in the other plane. I remember thinking, “how could they let me get in that plane before?”

‘I grabbed the first jet and was flying to the next one. That next jet was all covered. The pilot was still inside, but I could hear him saying, “I don’t care what happened to the others”, and it just got worse and worse as the second plane came up again. My wife and daughter started screaming.

‘The last plane started to lose speed and was in an uncontrollable dive, crashing in some ravine. I wasn’t sure whether I was in air or water; then I saw the first plane, and then I saw the second plane whic

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