Looking Ahead | More of the same, with bizarre twists (Seattle Times)

Looking Ahead | More of the same, with bizarre twists (Seattle Times)
Casey Stengel, the late baseball lifer known for his goofy ways, once offered this sage advice: “Never make predictions, especially about…

A look at the best performers in a year that defied conventional NFL logic (Seattle Times)
This will be remembered as the year the NFL was turned on its ear. The season Martyball produced a record touchdown total in San Diego…

One thing every Baseball Hall of Fame voter seems to agree on is this: We all wish Mark McGwire was not on the ballot this year. It s too soon. None of us has any perspective about McGwire s career or the careers of any of those 1990s baseball players who put up astonishing numbers and probably injected illegal steroids.

Off-field issues steal headlines (Asbury Park Press)
For baseball’s most feared hitter, the world’s fastest man and the winner of the Tour de France, 2006 wasn’t so much about what they accomplished as whether they cheated to do it.

Prominent sports deaths (Los Angeles Times)
Kirby Puckett: Baseball Hall of Famer, 45, stroke.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Virginia Tech, Georgia ready for Chick-Fil-A clash (Bristol Herald Courier)
ATLANTA For the past 14 years, Virginia Tech s football program has played in a bowl game. They ve played from coast to coast in state fairgrounds, converted baseball parks and in NFL stadiums with stakes ranging from strictly pride to a national title.

What a year of baseball (Asheville Citizen-Times)
ASHEVILLE — There is no single theme to what was a fascinating 2006 for baseball in WNC.

NFL & NBC ‘flexing’ their muscles (Northwest Indiana Times)
You’re frothing mad, aren’t you? You could drive your fist through a wall, I bet. The National Football League wouldn’t care if you shattered every bone. And NBC is thinking only of its TV ratings in prime time, not your doctor bills.

Zito cashes in as baseball endures yet another crisis (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
I saw two interesting things on Thursday night. One was the highlight reel of the 1959 World Series between the Dodgers and the White Sox (a Christmas gift from my wife) and news that Barry Zito had signed what may be baseball’s most ridiculous contract.

Ex-TSU coach to get Mr. Baseball award (Tennessean)
Retired Tennessee State baseball Coach and Athletics Director Sam Whitmon will be honored with the prestigious Mr. Baseball award at the Jan. 26 Old Timers Baseball Association’s annual banquet.

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