Govt under pressure to change its approach to combating domestic terrorism in Pakistan

Govt under pressure to change its approach to combating domestic terrorism in Pakistan

Published 1:24 PM, July 02, 2017

MANPAD, Pakistan — The government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised changes to the country’s counter terrorism strategy during his recent visit to South Asia.

But he said a major challenge facing the government is how to get the public to believe in its claim that it has brought peace to their country.

“Since the beginning of his mission in the Middle East, (PM) Sharif has had two major events that have impacted his perception,” said Harshad Singh, research director at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPSPR) in Lahore.

“In September 2015, after taking part in a UN General Assembly meeting to address the situation in Afghanistan, PM Sharif attended a ceremony in Kabul attended by members of the Pakistani opposition. He claimed there was peace and tranquility in Pakistan.

“On September 22, he had met Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Abdul Basit, in Islamabad.

“In a speech delivered that day in Islamabad, PM Sharif described Pakistan as a ‘haven nation’ for terrorist leaders. He stated that the Pakistani state is willing to cooperate in the US against any threats that might come to Pakistan.”

The PM’s speech to the US General Assembly was met with criticism, particularly from the American government.

“I think all of that was just an excuse for him to say thagospelhitzt the war against terrorism is ‘unrelenting,'” said Murtaza Hussain, former deputy foreign minister in the Pakistani government.

This was particularly worrisome to the US as the US’ intelligence agencies had been watching Pakistan for decades, Hussain said.

But Sharif, who held meetings in Washington with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and took part in bilateral discussions with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his Indian counterpart, also told the US press that he does not see domestic terrorism as a threat.

In his address to the United Nations, Sharif talked about the need to address issues of security in Pakistan, like fighting militancy in the tribal areas and ter바카라사이트rorism, and to provide justice to victims, Hussain said.

“It is true that [PM Sharif] is concerned by terrorism because of his political and security experience, but that doesn’t mean there was not other, less obvious, and potentially m더킹카지노ore serious issues, such as political, economic, and political security,” he said.

However, he told the United Nations Security Council the problems facing Pakistan are far greate

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