Drew Henson’s NFL Europe Diary (NFL Europe)

Drew Henson’s NFL Europe Diary (NFL Europe)
Drew Henson has come to NFL Europe to get more game experience after spending the past two seasons as the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Henson shared time with Tom Brady as a starter at Michigan, before turning his hand to baseball, playing with the New York Yankees.

NFL to curtail TD celebrations (Miami Herald)
NFL owners voted Wednesday to limit touchdown celebrations next season, determining that the choreographed stunts were becoming excessive.

Baseball could knock the NFL out of the park (San Antonio Express News)
Finding stadium money now an elusive goal in S.A.

Michael Silver: How NFL football became the most annoying sport (Sports Illustrated)
When I first began covering sports back in the late ’80s, when hip-hop was green, laptops had three-line screens and athletes’ phones had answering machines, the baseball geeks ruled my professional world. Though the NFL was far more popular than major league baseball, media coverage of the respective sports seemed to suggest otherwise.

Broncos go head-to-head with NFL (The Idaho Statesman)
Now all of the Boise State Broncos can boast that they’ll “play on Sunday.” The expression slang for playing in the NFL took on new meaning Thursday when ESPN announced it would air this year’s Boise State-New Mexico State football game on a Sunday night.

Baseball has it all wrong again (Fox Sports)
If Major League Baseball wants to lead the fight against performance-enhancing drugs, it shouldn’t investigate Barry Bonds or any other players who might have used steroids.

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