Change to canberra roo cull cuts legal options for activists

Change to canberra roo cull cuts legal options for activists


The Federal Government’s plan to remove more than 200 endangered birds from the endangered species list is potentially the end of legal options to stop Australia’s roo culling program.

The roo cull has been taking place in Australia since the 1980s and has killed as many as 100,000 roos across the country.

Key points: Minister for Environment Scott Morrison says euthanasing roos would be a first step in the plan

Australia’s roo population has plunged by around 75 per cent in the last 30 years

The Government wants to cull roos in New South Wales and Queensland

The Government has repeatedly said that removing the roo will only kill as many as 30,000 birds.

If Australia’s roo population falls below its target of 10,000 birds a year to protect threatened species, there would be a one-month moratorium on the cull.

Opposition immigration spokesman Richard Marles has said the Government needs to change the approach to culling roos if it intends to save the birds.

“These roos, which used to be considered threatened animals by international standards, now go into farms and are slaughtered to be used in medicine. We must now protect these birds, and for that we need a humane, scientific, and responsible approach to this issue,” he said.

The Government’s plan to euthanase the roos, when it comes into effect on July 1st, would only kill as many as 30,000 birds.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised last mon우리카지노th to reintroduce the roos in a controversial plan to rid the country of the species.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison also said the Government had failed to set out the details of its cull plans.

“They’re saying a bunch of stuff, no, it’s not going to happen but they haven’t made their final proposals, so, for the most part, we need to look at their actual proposals,” he said.

Mr Morrison said the Government would seek a study on the long-term health and impact of eradicating the roos to inform its changes.

“This is n더킹카지노ot an issue in which we are simply taking actions that we’ve already taken, we’re changing the way that Australia treats the roo, and a lot of the research is coming out now 우리카지노that shows the roo is really doing well,” he said.

He also defended the use of birds killed in raids.


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